What Oklahoma has that the East Coast doesn’t:
Backyard oil rigs
What the East Coast has that Oklahoma doesn’t
What Oklahoma has that the East Coast doesn’t think it has:
What Oklahoma and the East Coast have in common:
Oversized motor vehicles, People who support Trump,


Digital Content

The Black Panther
Bridges of Madison County *
The Bellboy *
Force Majure*
The Death of Stalin
Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle
The Americans, Season 5
Your Name
The Gleaners and I
Loving Vincent

Mr. Scarborough’s Family
Various Chekhov stories
Under the Glacier
No Crime to Be Poor
The Man Who Loved Only Numbers
Kalpa Imperial*
Greater Gotham
The Silk Roads
In the Distance
The Changeling
Gogol’s The Nose & The Overcoat
The Seventh Function of Language
The Last Days of New Paris
The Wizard and the Prophet
The Overstory
Clara Dewitt and the Bohemian Highway
The Immortalists
Claire Dewitt and the City of the Dead

The Boys from Syracuse
My Fair Lady

* =did not finish

“to mix” = to desegregate

Used in a sentence- “Bogalusa Ordered To Mix Two Grades.” Newspaper headline dated 8/12/1965.

“Doesn’t it make you feel superior when you realize your inferiority complex is bigger than anyone else’s?”

Accompanied by article “Simplified Voter Forms Are Ready” and picture captioned “A Louisiana state trooper walks along with a group of small Negro children during the civil rights march in Bogalusa yesterday.”

Have you seen Suits? If you haven’t, Suits is a show about a whiz kid who hasn’t gone to law school but gets hired by a big NY law firm as an associate and does well as a lawyer.* The cast includes Meghan Markle though she’s leaving to marry Prince Harry.The more I watch the show the more hooked I am, and I’m wondering if I’m immersing in professional porn.

There’s pornography which I’m clear on and which this post is not about. And there’s the more elusive concept of porn as in food porn and poverty porn.

What makes something porn? Does it have to connect somehow to sex? Does it give a guilty pleasure? Does it seduce you? Does it have something to do with the setting?

Now, all those Law and Orders and most lawyer portrayals on media aren’t porn. Yes, they are fantasies, which might also be an element of porn,but they usually revolve around the courtroom. This is where laypeople think law takes place, but lawyers know law takes place in an office on the phone.

Porn is an inside job. Suits is professional lawyer porn partly but not mainly because of the attractive characters, requisite amount of sex and scenes of the New York City rich and famous. It’s the thrill as a lawyer of watching all the dirty tricks, all the possible ethical violations without issue spotting on a final that produce good even beneficient results. My vote therefore goes to porn as guilty pleasure.

P.S. Next week’s question-“Is The Librarians professional [librarian] porn?

* Suits is in its seventh season so Mike’s secret has been discovered and resolved. But it’s still the ur premise for the series.

overexaggerate= “to exaggerate something to an excessive degree.”

Used in a sentence-You overexaggerater you.

Comment 1-You may prefer the Brit version “overegg.”

Comment 2-So, exaggerating is a conversational baseline?

Comment 3-How do you over over?


According to research, the reason for going sockless is that “flats don’t look good in socks” or inversely “socks don’t look good in flats.” Yes, this is true but should fashion outweigh cold feet?