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Greater Gotham, a history of New York City from 1898 to 1919, is the sequel to Gotham, a history of New York City from its origin to 1898. Greater Gotham is magisterial. One aspect of its magisterialness is the top down subdivision into themes and then its top up meticulous detail. Another aspect is its combined scholarly and wise ass tone.

Gotham covered a 300 plus year timespan. Great Gotham covers 21 years. The afterword notes that the sequel to Greater Gotham [Very Great Gotham?] will cover 26 years. The time lapse between Gotham and Greater Gotham was 18 years. Will this series of ever end or is it another example of Zeno’s paradox?

While I commute by automobile, I ponder the human activity of traffic. Many days and especially at night, the other vehicles seem like wild animals particularly SUVs which are metal rhinoceroses.I am afraid of being eaten. Could it be that our traffic behavior comes from the survival instincts in our deep hunter gatherer brains? Lucky we don’t drive in packs.

What Oklahoma has that the East Coast doesn’t:
Backyard oil rigs
What the East Coast has that Oklahoma doesn’t
What Oklahoma has that the East Coast doesn’t think it has:
What Oklahoma and the East Coast have in common:
Oversized motor vehicles, People who support Trump,

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The Black Panther
Bridges of Madison County *
The Bellboy *

Mr. Scarborough’s Family
Various Chekhov stories
Under the Glacier
No Crime to Be Poor
The Man Who Loved Only Numbers
Kalpa Imperial*
Greater Gotham

The Boys from Syracuse

* =did not finish

“to mix” = to desegregate

Used in a sentence- “Bogalusa Ordered To Mix Two Grades.” Newspaper headline dated 8/12/1965.

“Doesn’t it make you feel superior when you realize your inferiority complex is bigger than anyone else’s?”

Accompanied by article “Simplified Voter Forms Are Ready” and picture captioned “A Louisiana state trooper walks along with a group of small Negro children during the civil rights march in Bogalusa yesterday.”