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Was it Foucault who asked what difference it makes who the author is ? Yes. As we have to chosen to be  named content producers, it seems we’ve decided that the identity does matter.This makes me wonder about that pocket of anonymous writers: the greeting card writers and specifically the writers of Netflix envelope reviewers.

For example, here is the review of The Founder:

The concept and expansion of McDonald’s global fast-food empire represent one of the great success stories of American business. This meaty biopic profiles company founder Ray Kroc, whose canny instincts turned McDonald’s into a golden brand.

The choice of the word canny suggests that the writer is a person who likes to play with words. Now are the choice of meaty and golden, funny straight up, funny tongue in cheek or [this is unlikely] funny oblivious? How can we know without knowing who the author is.?


I have watched people age; now I’m aging. My observation is that as people age, they become mellower in some respects but also more controlling, more judgmental and cranky.  I think I have avoided the first two traits but I am getting crankier and will allow myself to inside my head.

From whence the crankiness? It’s a patience thing for me and also an intellectual fatigue thing. Number 1 on this list is people who say they are going to do something without being coerced and then don’t bother more to follow through more than twice. I’ve run through my patience for unreliability. Number 2 is people who get pissed off at you when they ask you for something that you can refuse and you say no. My social justice score may take a hit here but this also applies to homeless people who approach me. I guess I’ve run through my patience for requests that are really demands.

Having stamped my verbal feet, I feel better.

The holy trinity of great painters-I can’t say. The holy trinity of museum blockbuster exhibit painters, I can say. They are in this order Picasso, Matisse and Cezanne.

I am wondering though if Matisse is trending over Picasso. In the past two months, I’ve seen a Diebenkorn/Matisse exhibit and a Matisse in America exhibit.  There is also a Matisse in the Studio exhibit in Boston. Last year, there was another Matisse/Diebenkorn exhibit which spilled into this year and a Matisse in his Time exhibit.  As far as I know, neither 2016 or 2017  are significant in Matisse’s life which is why I sniff a trend.

Matisse makes a good Picasso substitute. Of course,for starters,  they knew each other and painted contemporaneously. Both lived in Paris; I would like to say that they were both French but can’t really get away with it. Both were collected as painters and as people by Gertrude Stein. Both painted in different styles which makes for a large exhibit. Both lived long lives. Both are dead.

So, go for it.  Make Matisse the new Picasso and Picasso the new Matisse. It is a good deal for both of them, changes things up for us and gives Cezanne hope.


Question: How many buns does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Answer: One, two if one is a messy bun.

What is the best way to mock AG Jeff Sessions?

The best way to mock best sessions is to pronounce his full name-Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III- very slowly especially lingering on Beauregard.

What is the best way to help people who are charged with marijuana possession if you are called as a juror?

If you are called as a juror in a drug possession is NOT to state that you would/could not vote to convict someone of marijuana or simple drug possession because that will get you kicked off the jury. The best way to be helpful is to nod your head, give the correct answer, serve on the jury and then when it’s time to deliberate say “The judge told us that the State had to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt. I don’t think the State met their burden.”


A shout out to my favorite “failing newspaper.” Separate from the weekly Cooking section, the Times has created a FREE “cross digital” massive database of recipes contributed by Pierre Franey, Craig Claiborne, Mark Bittman, Amanda Hess and everyone else. You can search by ingredient; you can search by genre or theme. They have how to/master the basics videos; you can save and annotate recipes. Yes, you have to create an NY Times account but whatever privacy you exchange is worth the recipes for everything.

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My favorite PSA was the immortal “Your Brain on Drugs.” I liked the eggs and the drama. But while in California, I saw “Talk, Read, Sing” and it won my heart and the title of new favorite PSA.
I am not a parent but know that parents want to nurture their children’s development in every possible way. This PSA, which I’m sure is grounded in solid developmental research, tells them how in three verbs. It rocks a great Dick and Jane rhythm
California, as it frequently does, gets it right.