I have watched people age; now I’m aging. My observation is that as people age, they become mellower in some respects but also more controlling, more judgmental and cranky.  I think I have avoided the first two traits but I am getting crankier and will allow myself to inside my head.

From whence the crankiness? It’s a patience thing for me and also an intellectual fatigue thing. Number 1 on this list is people who say they are going to do something without being coerced and then don’t bother more to follow through more than twice. I’ve run through my patience for unreliability. Number 2 is people who get pissed off at you when they ask you for something that you can refuse and you say no. My social justice score may take a hit here but this also applies to homeless people who approach me. I guess I’ve run through my patience for requests that are really demands.

Having stamped my verbal feet, I feel better.