The holy trinity of great painters-I can’t say. The holy trinity of museum blockbuster exhibit painters, I can say. They are in this order Picasso, Matisse and Cezanne.

I am wondering though if Matisse is trending over Picasso. In the past two months, I’ve seen a Diebenkorn/Matisse exhibit and a Matisse in America exhibit.  There is also a Matisse in the Studio exhibit in Boston. Last year, there was another Matisse/Diebenkorn exhibit which spilled into this year and a Matisse in his Time exhibit.  As far as I know, neither 2016 or 2017  are significant in Matisse’s life which is why I sniff a trend.

Matisse makes a good Picasso substitute. Of course,for starters,  they knew each other and painted contemporaneously. Both lived in Paris; I would like to say that they were both French but can’t really get away with it. Both were collected as painters and as people by Gertrude Stein. Both painted in different styles which makes for a large exhibit. Both lived long lives. Both are dead.

So, go for it.  Make Matisse the new Picasso and Picasso the new Matisse. It is a good deal for both of them, changes things up for us and gives Cezanne hope.