When you look beyond your own concerns, do you think Trump is the big picture?  Think again.  How about climate change? No, even bigger. The biggest show on Earth is the anthropocene, a new geological era defined by human effect on Earth and the ecosystem.  And in this case having a concept named after you is not a compliment.

When you grapple with a big concept, it helps to have a small piece to chew on. I attended a conference yesterday at NYU [btw-NYU knows how to throw a great conference]on Libraries and Archives in the Anthropocene: A Colloquium, 2017 which provided that piece.  I was introduced to the concepts of sustainability and resilience.  The speakers I heard discussed how libraries and archives can preserve themselves in an age of climactic and digital disasters, how they can preserve culture and knowledge in an age of climactic and digital disasters and how they can actively  spread information and make change. I also learned some small letter stuff like the benefits of microfiche for preservation.

Libraries are also poetic spaces. I learned about three libraries of Emily Dicksonian power: the Library of Water in Iceland, the Svlbard Global Seed Vault in Norway and Charlie Macquarie’s Library of Approximate Location.  in the West[This guy is an artist and farmer too and an entertaining conversationalist].

I feel as if I had an intellectual massage and  went on a hike in the redwoods .  Thank you Rory Litwin and Howard Besser for organizing this.