Scene:  April 2016 at about 5:00 pm on a Thursday. An upscale bar in Baltimore, Maryland.

I have finished a day at a nearby conference. I enter and sit at far end of bar. There is an empty seat and then a late twenties woman eating a salad and talking to the bartender.
A fortyish man at the end of his work day enters and takes empty seat. He gives off an ex-military air.

[Forgotten opening conversation which had something to do with how he was divorced and his son had a man bun]

Man to me: Do you like your hair?
Me: Yes
Man: Really? OK then.
Man: You really like your hair?
Me: Yes.
Man: How old are you?
Me: [shocked but amused by his directness]. 59
Man:  [pausing then delivering his opinion] You’re attractive but you would be more attractive if you did something with your hair.
Me: Some men like my hair. You know it’s impossible to tell what a man is going to like.
Man: You have a point.
Woman on left side coming to my defense: That’s a mean thing to say to her.
Man: No, it’s not. And you don’t even know how to hold a fork.
Man reaches toward young woman.
Young woman: Don’t touch me.
At this point, young woman speaks to bartender who tells man he has to leave. Man pulls out 100 dollar bill to pay for drink.
Bartender to me: I’m sorry. I was at the other side of the bar and didn’t hear what he was saying to you.[Note-bartender comped me for my beer]
Man on his way outto young woman: You’re a loser. I bet you support Bernie Sanders.

The End

Questions for discussion

  1. What does my hair look like?
  2. Who is the most interesting character in the story?
  3. Why did the man behave the way he did?
  4. What did I learn from this incident?
  5. What is the typical reaction when I tell this story?