This  work is notable for the extent and quality of the graffiti like annotations which were probably done contemporaneously by either Kevin Sullivan or Joey Ramone according to signatures on paste down An analysis of style indicates that the annotator may have been a follower of Basquiat.

Title: United States in Literature w/I Never Sang For My Father

Series: Medallion Edition-America Reads

Publisher: Scott Foresman

Date of Publication: 1979

Authors: James E. Miller, Jr. Carlota Cardenas de Dwyer, Robert Hayden, Russell J. Hogan, Kerry M.Wood

Number of Pages: 721

Top edge: Ramones in all capital letters

Cover: Alternate letters filled in with blue ball point pen.

Front endpaper-pastedown: in all capital letters done with blue ballpoint pen

Judas Priest-top

Adam and the Ants, Cars-left side of page


Ramones-right side of page

Van Halen-on the diagonal

Front endpaper-front free end paper -in all capital letters done with blue ball point pen.  The front left and right sides are distinguished by the mosaic format of the latter.

Ozzy Osborne, Ramones [in black], Pat Benatar [blue], Pat Benatar [black], Adam and the Ants, Judas Priest. There is also a scribbled over area and 2 examples of multiplication.

The back endpaper represents a minimalist style.

Back  endpaper-left

Ramones centered on the page

Back endpaper-right

Adam and the Ants-3/4 of page, Ant music [sic] top right hand corner

Bottom edge: Literature in all capital letters

Errata-two paper clips between 354 and 355.