On Monday, PharmaCannis will open a medical marijuana dispensary at 405 Hunts Point Avenue in the South Bronx.

On Saturday, I went on a field trip for the green ribbon cutting ceremony.  The local council member, State Assembly member and a surrogate of the State Senator spoke. A food truck served free Mexican food; college students recruited for the day handed out material on how to qualify for a medical marijuana card in New York. I won a tee shirt for answering a quiz on medical marijuana.

The cannabis movement is something that interests me and that I am involved with. I don’t write about it here because there is enough coverage by other people. But I when I bought a slice of pizza across the street from the dispensary, I was pleased to hear the man behind the counter reply to a joke about how he was in a great location for people with the munchies by saying “it doesn’t work like that.”

This was a community event for a community that is proud of and also concerned with its community, particularly health disparities.  The event reminded me in a negative year of an American positive-the communitarian instinct.  Hooray for PharmaCannis and hooray for the South Bronx.