To get to Nyack Beach State Park, you drive past the ticket taker booth and down a tiny hill with a paved lane that can just about accommodate two way traffic. Then there’s the parking lot and the Hudson.

Yesterday, mid afternoon, as I started down that hill, I ran into a traffic jam of nuns. They covered the road and kept coming and coming, an onslaught. There was nothing to do but stop and wait; just thinking of the bad karma one could incur by attempting to continue gave me the shudders.

As always, I ended up asking the questions that novels answer, but real life doesn’t. Quite likely, they were coming from Marydell Faith and Life Sanctuary which is next door. But so many nuns? And all taking a walk at the same time? A park employee said he had never seen anything like it before. You gotta wonder if it was a sign. of what?