Scene: The Baymont Suites Hotel in Battle Creek, Michigan. There is a front desk, a lobby with a table and a breakfast nook.
Scene I-
I am sitting at the table grading papers on laptop and waiting for cab to airport. Hotel manager, a 20ish woman with straight brown hair enters and goes behind the desk.
Hotel Manager yells. I can’t believe this ! This day is going to be worse than I thought. Somebody popped the lock on the cash register and took the money.
I look up startled.
Hotel Manager: Did you see anybody back here?
Appropriate music
Flashback to 10 minutes earlier
Me to myself: Was I checked out?
I see a man behind the front desk with salt and pepper hair and a black shirt.
Me: Can you help me check out?
Man: calmly The front desk manager will be back soon. She can help you.
Me: OK. Thanks.
End of Flashback
Me: Yes! There was a man behind the desk.
Hotel Manager: White?
Me: Yes.
Hotel Manager: It must have been the man I was talking to. He out down a cash deposit for the room. I had to check the room before he got it back. When I got to the room, I could tell they had been smoking. I told him he couldn’t have the deposit back; he said really and started arguing. I was looking for evidence; he must have left and come here.
Me: I’m so sorry.
Hotel Manager: That’s ok honey. There’s no way you could have known.
Hotel Manager calls police, owner
Scene 2:
The police come. They ask for a description. The hotel manager also produces a copy of the man’s driver’s license. They call in a bulletin.
Police Officer: What brings you to Battle Creek
Me: I went to a conference at the casino.
Police Officer: The Firekeepers Casino is one of the new casinos. It’s nice.
Me: It’s nice.
Unidentified Man: Did you ask for a cab to the airport?
Me: Yes.
I leave.
The End
Questions for Discussion:
Why do you think nobody thought I took the money?
Why did the criminal seem so calm?
Do you think you could have a crime happen before your eyes and not know it like a magic trick.