First, what I really want to tell you about Las Vegas is that Las Vegas has an excellent sensitively put together independent bookstore called Writer’s Block. This one fact told me that Las Vegas is a city of substance.
Last week I visited Las Vegas for the second time. The first visit doesn’t count for much. I went there for a cannabis conference and spent my time at the conference in the Rio.
Las Vegas reminded me of New York City. Everything cost money in a I can’t believe I’m paying this for this way. You had to wait in line for whatever you wanted to do. People were preoccupied and not happily. Both believe that every inch of signage must convey information.
Yes, Las Vegas is surreal or bizarre or both. But its nickname of Sin City is hype. Why? Because the sin is bounded by the law in the form of responsible gambling and no unaccompanied minor signage. I even heard people who were not lawyers quoting OSHA. And Las Vegas is bounded by the desert. Las Vegas is one big confession booth, and Americans are Puritans. That’s why “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” Ok I’m mixing up two religions here but I hope you get my point.
Finally, what I really want to tell you about Las Vegas is that Las Vegas is commuting distance close to natural wonders including the Grand Canyon [which I saw] and Zion National Park and Red Rock Canyon Conservation Area [which I didn’t see but oh I will] Go to Vegas; leave your heels; bring your hiking boots.