My windows look out on Nyack’s main street. Across the street, there is a diner called Johnnycakes.  There are two tables for outdoor seating.

Every night, except for one, for the last two weeks, the same woman has been sitting at the same table [my right]at Johnnycakes with her dog. She arrives around five, eats dinner and then sits at the table till dusk. She has dark eyes, white hair at the front and then the rest is salt and pepper. She is wearing a tee shirt and jeans. Her dog is a big but not enormous Black Lab. The woman talks to the waitress who has that shift, to the manager or owner of the restaurant next door and to passersby who stop to admire her dog.

Once I noticed this pattern, I began to wonder why she does this every night. She orders a meal which she probably wouldn’t be able to do if she were homeless and was sitting there to have someplace to be. Does she have to leave her apartment every night while her roommate entertains his/her lover?  Is she waiting for someone? Is she a private detective on a stake out? Is she someone who has decided to watch life go by in Nyack? [Notice that I don’t think she is watching me.] Is she doing this so the dog gets outside? Is she trying to win a bet? What do you think?

People hang around Nyack for a while and then disappear. I wonder when she will stop, and if I will miss her when she does.