Edward Hopper was born in Nyack. Edward Hopper was a talented and eventually well-known artist. Was Edward Hopper’s painterly perspective shaped by living in Nyack? This painting suggests yes; this painting says yes. Did Edward Hopper live in Nyack as an adult? No way. Does Nyack honor Edward Hopper. Yes, they restored his birthplace and hold art exhibits there.
Joseph Cornell was born in Nyack. Joseph Cornell was a talented and well-known though not as popularly famous as Edward Hopper artist. Was Joseph Cornell’s perspective shaped by living in Nyack. Don’t know. Did Joseph Cornell live in Nyack as an adult? No, he lived in Queens. Does Nyack honor Joseph Cornell? The Nyack library has books written about Joseph Cornell and a vertical file. There’s this, and the first exhibit at the Hopper house was an exhibition of his work but no not really.
Why? Hopper, because of Nighthawks, is definitely more of a household name, but Cornell is a serious respected artist. My unsupported guess is that he influenced more artists than Hopper did.
So, Nyack, I’m just saying. pay some attention to Joseph Cornell. Put a marker on his house.[CORRECTION-there is a marker by his house-Thjis blog regrests its error.] Dedicate an Art Walk to him. That’s all.