Dear Chuck:

I just finished reading “But What If You’re Wrong”. I picked up the book because of what must have been subconscious buzz and the clever cover [so let marketing know that works]

Your book has an elegant thesis:

We think all our current knowledge is and always be correct. At the same time, we know that people in the past believed in ideas that are now known to be wrong. So what are we wrong about? And when the modern world is ancient history, what will be said?

You are also funny.

I enjoyed thinking about this question, reading your answers and deciding whether I thought you were right [Infinite Jest] or wrong [Rosanne]. You obviously like footnotes so I’ll add two. 1) Include this Steven Martin/SNL medieval barber sketch n2) Your analysis seems to assume that the future’s perception of the past will have the benefit of perfect preservation of all content. But what if you’re wrong?