Micah White’s The End of Protest may be the book I was waiting for to spark my revolutionary self. I have always been an upstanding liberal despite a mom who was a communist till Stalin showed himself in the late 30’s, despite socialist friends and despite being elected Class Radical in 1974. Of course I agreed with Marx that the worker in the capitalist system is a slave. But Marx’s writing style or at a minimum the translation of his writing sucks, and the socialist/communists didn’t seem to have a plan.

So how did The End of Protest change me? For starters, White can write and has “street cred” from being an Occupy catalyst.  He assumes the value and need for revolution and has both a theory of revolution and  methods for protest. That combination, in any setting, is rare.  I resonate to the idea of mundialization, moving beyond national boundaries to form global communities.  It sounds lovely.

I recommend that you read this book. Meanwhile, Micah what should I do next?