downloadFirst Set: Coming to you live from a bus stuck on the George Washington Bridge
My favorite funny sign is “masquerading as a normal person day after day is exhausting.” Well, it’s even more tiring when you don’t get it quite right. Or maybe it’s funnier.
Here’s how you can tell when somebody has leased a spot for a new business. The windows are blocked so you can’t see inside. The space looks like either a wrapped present or a piece of meat from a butcher wrapped in old timey brown paper.
Herzog-read it in a college course on the Literature of the 50’s. I remember not seeing the point. I also think I remember being told that Bellow was included because he was a “Jewish author.” I just finished rereading Herzog; sometimes a book improves on rereading. Herzog did. The book has an eccentric protagonist in an outlandish setting and I could never predict where he or the author was going. I doubt that Bellow had ever been to Africa and that made his description even richer.
Second Set: Live from the Port Authority Bus Terminal
Important question-Where do you stand on the man bun? I am mildly opposed but don’t want to be on the wrong side of a transgender hair style.
Tenement House Museum-went to a learn about Jewish life with an emphasis on cooking on the lower East side and make your own baklava session last Wednesday. While there is definite irony in paying the equivalent of two months’ turn of the century rent to see how your grandparents lived, being in that physical space let me feel empathy for their crampedness.
You’ve been a great audience. So, tell me, who is the patron saint of the needy? See you later.