When my mother was dying, she and I promised that we would each always be a part of the other. So, on Mother’s Day, I do something my mother would have enjoyed and imagine that we are together.
This year’s mother-daughter activity was foraging. Foraging is “searching for wild food resources.” [Wikipedia] Foraging is a very retro activity because we foraged before we discovered agriculture and definitely before we discovered processed food. Once you learn to identify edible plants, you can forage in Central Park which is where I was yesterday or even in a parking lot [been there done that]. If you are having trouble thinking of forageable plants, start with dandelion or violet .
Yesterday’s plant expedition was led by foraging legend Steve Brill. After a week plus of rain, the weather was sunny with a tinge of a breeze. Even though my mother could identify most of the plants he showed us , she enjoyed learning more botany facts. I like foraging because I get a kick out of plucking random leaves and stuffing them in my mouth in public. We both enjoyed the corny jokes Steve Brill told because they reminded us of my Dad’s. Thanks for a great day Mom.