semi-contrarian reflections on “Take Your Child To Work” day

Disclosure: I don’t have children.

Somebody, not me though I was an active participant in the discussion, used this phrase last week in discussing the oft boring focus of those who have children on talking about their children and/or the practice of bringing children to work with the pretense of working. His example was get togethers with his cousins which he eventually stopped attending.  I don’t know if he invented the phrase or not, but it has stuck somewhere between my mind and my craw ever since.

Nor did I ask him for a definition. Obviously, the phrase is not meant as a compliment. Biological imperialism =those who reproduce have superiority over those who don’t with a mocking “this isn’t right” undertone.

But it is painfully right. We humans pass along our genes and assure the continuation of the human species by reproducing.  Those who do are superior in an evolutionary sense.

What about those who don’t?  Beyond acceptance that evolution is against us, I don’t know. But rather than shoving this post in my top secret drafts closet, I will publish this post now.