April Fools! What I did was to read Sonnet 122 at the annual Shakespeare Slam at Naumberg bandshell in Central Park. This event celebrates his birthday (?) by asking people to sign up and read a sonnet. The Park was an ideal setting in leaf and flower. The readers were a marvelously mixed lot of actors, poets and all-around Shakespeare lovers.
How was I? Let’s skip the judgment question and award me some brownie points here for my boldly volunteering at the event.

Here is the sonnet I read.

Thy gift, thy tables are within my brain
Full character’d with lasting memory,
Which shall above that idle rank remain
Beyond all date, even to eternity:
Or at the least, so long as brain and heart
Have faculty by nature to subsist,
Till each to raz’d oblivion yield his part
Of thee, thy record never can be miss’d.
that poor retention could not so much hold,
Nor need I tallies thy dear love to score;
Therefore to give them from me was I bold,
to trust those tables that receive thee more:
To keep an adjunct to remember thee
Were to import forgetfulness in me.