In one of my first blog posts, I wrote about Patrick De Witt’s The Sisters Brothers. So, I am pleased to note,four years later, that both of us are still writing and that Patrick Dewitt hasn’t lost his talent for smart alecky  in a verbal way book titles. This one is called Undermajordomo Minor; the main character’s name is Lucien Minor you see.

This book which takes place in a castle has a squirmy strangeness to it. As its reviewer for the New York Times said, the book slips in and out of genres. And it has cryptically short chapters. Here is  a piece of one I keep returning to:

One day Klara commented that when the snow melted away, the exposed grasses looked like the fur of a newborn foal or calf.

“But the earth is not an animal, ” Lucy said.

“Yes it is,” Klara told him, and she gripped his fingers ever tighter.