Name of Beer: Global Warmer
Color of Can: Almost orange red, cream, sky blue.
Deconstruction: The name refers to and plays with the term global warming. The name is baffling. The reader would assume the creators of this beer to be concerned about global warming. By naming the beer “global warmer,” are they equating the buzz of a beer with the heat of global warming.? Are they implying that global warming will lead to more beer drinking? Will drinking beer fight global warming?
Front Slogan: Beer is culture. Is this message ironic?
Note to Self: Would I have been concerned about irony if the beer did not come from Brooklyn?
Back Slogan: Beer for Beasts/image of beer with dog collar This message is not ironic. Beer For Beasts is an annual fundraiser for the Humane Society. This beer was probably created for and served at this fundraiser.
Manufacturing Information: Formulated by the Mad Scientists, Sixpoint Brewery, Brooklyn New York. Why are the scientists mad?
Back Suggestion: Extended refrigeration at retail magnifies beer’s carbon footprint. Please enjoy as soon as possible. So drinking in haste is environmentally responsible?
Visceral Reaction: In addition to signs already pointed out, the beer can contains a star, comic book lightning and a light bulb with Earth as the bulb. This beer can is the beer can version of Times Square.
Another Note to Self: Would I find this beer can less contradictory if I were younger?