My 2015 last day of the year activity was a visit to the Picasso sculpture exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art. This visit was a personal full circle; my mother took my sixth grade boyfriend and me to the last major exhibit of Picasso’s sculpture at MOMA. I remember being intrigued at how he made art from ordinary looking things. At that point, my perspective was not complicated by knowing who Picasso was as a human being particularly in relation to women. That knowledge has turned me off to every other Picasso exhibit between that exhibit and this exhibit.

I entered this exhibit with negative blockbuster expectations. But the set up of this blockbuster balanced the number of objects with the amount of space so you could stop, see and come back without being jostled.

A la Jimmy Fallon, I thank this exhibit for allowing me to enjoy Picasso’s versatility, energy, sense of humor and ability to make art from ordinary things.