I never lie except when I do. In this respect, I am average (?). Or maybe not because it is expected to say that you are more honest than most people. Oh well.

Once upon a time, I was a criminal defense attorney, so I heard many lies. And I live in society. And I have known some notable liars and in some perverse way have enjoyed knowing them. And I am one of those people who likes to divide people into two types of people. So, here’s my lying taxonomy.

People who believe they are being truthful
People who know they are not being truthful

People who lie to other people
People who lie to themselves
[I’m not sure these are discrete categories]

People who lie for strategic or social reasons.
People who lie because it always sounds better than the truth.
[Is there a connection with the belief category]

People who are good liars
People who are bad liars

What have I left out? Oh when you lie always look the lyee right in the eyes?