images-2 For the past few weeks, I’ve been obsessing conceptually on deviled eggs. No, I’m not sure why it started. Because this is a conceptual obsession, I haven’t made any real life deviled eggs. And this may not even be conceptual; it may just be a food tune I can’t get out of my head. But…

Deviled Egg Quotes

People make fun of you when you bring deviled eggs but then they eat them all.
Deviled eggs are a holiday staple in my house [emphasis on my]

Three Deviled Egg Recipes

I just hard boil the eggs
Cut in half
Remove into bowl the yolk, add mayo, mustard and some relish to taste
Either spoon back into egg white shell or use a pastry bag
Then I put some paprika on top for color

Deviled Egg Recipe:
Remove all yolks from hard boiled eggs (12 eggs)
Mix yolks with 2 tablespoons of mayo (you can add more if you want it creamier)
Add in 2 teaspoons of yellow mustard
Add 1 tablespoon of green olive juice
Blend together
Top with paprika



–Hard boil eggs, remove shells, halve

–Scoop out hard yolk into bowl

–Add mayo, chopped pickles or relish, and pepper and mix into paste (chopped red onions optional, in moderation)

–Spoon paste back in openings in eggs

–Sprinkle w/ paprika

Deviled Eggs Thoughts

Deviled eggs are the guacamole of another generation.
Deviled eggs are the eyes of some fossil fish.
Deviled eggs are earrings.
Deviled eggs are Pop Art.