This is a photograph of Frances Foley Gannon as we would call her. In her time she was known as “Mrs. Frank Gannon.” She came from Staten Island and was the wife and the mother of a judge.
Fiorello La Guardia made her his Deputy Commissioner of the Department of Public Markets, Weights and Measures in 1934. From 1934 until 1963, she had a daily show on WYNC to report on food prices and other consumer issues. Here is a link to a broadcast on red peppers.
My mother, Mrs. Sam Pressman, a newly wed, listened to the program and was encouraged to try unfamiliar foodstuffs she mentioned on the air. Frances Foley Gannon also gave cooking demonstrations, published guides on how to select food and investigated food fraud including the high price of eggs. She retired in 1963 and died in 1969.
Frances Foley Gannon has been a long time project of mine though I don’t know more about her than what I’ve written, and surprisingly not much more [except for a broadcast by Sarah Lohman] has been done on her. Why? I admire her on instinct.