How many movies can you watch over and over? There are only a handful for me; this very short list includes Holiday Inn, Trading Places, Animal House and this one which I saw for the third [?] time yesterday.
The “League of Their Own” is an all women baseball league operating during World War II. [Is this a true story?] The movie is done in flashback to celebrate the opening of a Women in Baseball exhibit at the Hall of Fame. The movie has a strong supporting cast [Madonna, Rosie O’Donnell Jon Lovitz and more] and some very funny lines[Hard to pick a favorite-maybe Tom Hanks signing a baseball “Avoid the clap.”]. The movie has a great lead cast-Geena Davis [what happened to her] and Tom Hanks at his understated best as a drunk ball scratching baseball manager. My crush prevents me from saying more about him.
As I write this entry, I am realizing again that praising is harder to pull off than criticizing. This movie is powerful because it is subtle, broad and natutal, and every piece runs like an expensive watch.