Sociologists and anthropologists say that to truly understand,to truly become a part of what is being studied the observer must make the “familiar strange” and the “strange familiar.” I don’t know how to become familiar with the strange but I can help with making the strange familiar. Just navigate the world on a pair of crutches.
Then approach any place with a door. That door is now your enemy because you must open that door while still keeping upright with your crutches. Add the need to unlock that door. Then keep the door open until you can walk through. If there are people near that door, someone will offer to open the door for you. But other people will look away, will defiantly stare back at you. Is it because you are not smiling? Or are you simply not there?
[Add your own example here]
We multi-task. We walk through life automatically. When you use crutches, you cannot.