by Tina Fey of course

This book was also on the list of books I saw and deliberately didn’t buy in airports. I think the big hairy arm grossed me out. But the book has aged well, and I overcame my resistance.
Tina Fey has some pertinent and wise observations on improvisation which have been quoted. She also has some pertinent and wise observations with examples on being a boss. Please read this book if you are a boss and note carefully this remark; “in most bosses being a good boss means hiring talented people and getting out of their way.”
I also was struck by the oral quality of this book. Tina Fey would surely give you permission to make a dirty joke of your choice here. This book is equal parts action and dialogue and was meant to be read aloud which makes perfect sense because Tina Fey writes for people who speak out loud. Tina-note for next book, tell don’t show