Please be patient while I make three full disclosures:

  1. Though I am still a TV addict, I don’t have cable. Therefore I don’t watch TV in real time except at the laundry and learn most of my TV current events from the Web. .
  2. I don’t follow Game of Thrones in any form.
  3. I watched a season or so of Grey’s Anatomy and then got bored.

Nevertheless, despite my superficial knowledge, I still have a theory about why Patrick Dempsey had to die that does not involve a conflict with Shonda Rimes.

Game of Thrones shook up its audience when they killed off  leading characters at the end of the third season. Apparently, they’ve continued to follow this pattern. Even if they were just following the book, one TV rule is don’t kill off leading characters unless they want to leave the show. Because this worked and brought continued ratings, Game of Thrones challenged other shows. Could you kill off your leading character and still have the viewer’s attention. Shonda Rimes took them up on this challenge. Hence no more Dr. McDreamy.