images-9 On Saturday night, I performed a scene from Hitchcock’s Rebecca at a benefit to raise money for the local film society in a house with a majestic view of the Hudson that the house must have been designed around.
While you digest all those words, I want to say that reading Rebecca for the first time was a liberating experience.You must have one or some of those books. Your name carries meaning, and I had been carrying around Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. Now I could balance this Shirley Temple lightness with a dark, mysterious, decadent, yes evil Rebecca. Being named Rebecca became thrilling*
Hitchock’s movie is also a classic. The scene I played in, a scary confrontation with Mrs. Danvers, had his Gothic touch. I was the mousy, tweedy Mrs. De Winter. You’re probably ahead of me here but I just realized that the narrator, the I of Rebecca, is never named. Of course, the person who is named and named and named is never present. Acting made me fully appreciate the brilliance of this turn.

* And a great first sentence too.