little tokyoLast Saturday, I toured the Little Tokyo section of NYC courtesy of Sarah Lohman and the Brooklyn Brainery.  I enthused about Sarah in a previous post about an ice cream class I took with her. I will enthuse about her again. She’s fun and funny.  She is also obviously a person doing what she loves; that love rubs off on the listener.
And she knows a lot about food. Here are a few things I learned:

  • Umami is MSG in a trendier disguise.
  • The Japanese equivalent of Mac and a cheese is quick curry over rice
  • Remember how Japanese cars made American cars look like crap. The same is true of Japanese snacks. And they are obsessed with KitKats. Imagine  sweet potato flavor.

I’ve deliberately gotten ahead of myself and not told you where Little Tokyo is. It’s in the East Village, approximately St. Marks and Third Avenue near Cooper Union. There are a string of restaurants each specializing in one specific dish and a supermarket. No pan-Asian food here buddy. What’s also interesting is what Little Tokyo was-the home of German, Jewish and punk immigrants. If you listen carefully, maybe you will hear an egg cream.