I am a regular coffee-to-go customer at Johnnycakes. Today I played the role of a customer at Johnnycakes for American Diner Revival, a reality TV show which refurbishes diners. This helpful activity is something I never thought about in connection with reality TV. The hosts are Ty Pennington and Amanda Freitag. I feel I did a great job in my nonspeaking role of sitting at the counter, eating breakfast, cheering and clapping when Ty and Amanda did the Mickey Rooney/Judy Garland thing of rousing us to remake Johnnycakes and helping to dismantle Johnnycakes.
Reality TV, like other acting gigs, involves a lot of sitting around. Like reality, it also runs late. Finally, like reality, the people are real people. Otherwise, is it real meaning naturalistic? You know the answer-no.If only, you could do multiple takes of reality. The day left me wondering; if this was reality TV. what is the rest of television?