images-2 Unlike television and books, I’ve always been uncertain about my art judgment. Maybe the uncertainty comes from my awareness is that a visual artist is something I can never be or a bias that you can’t be knowledgeable about a subject you didn’t study the history of. But I’ve been working on it; the entries in this blog about museum visits are part of that self study in case you were wondering.
On Wednesday I had an art epiphany resulting from a same day visit to the Asia Society Museum and the Folk Art Museum. The Asia Society was exhibiting Buddhist Art from Myanmar; the Museum of Folk Art was exhibiting a selection of excellent folk art.
I’ve looked at art as a product of the artist. That perspective highlights differences. But you can also look at art as a product of the materials-wood, marble, stone. When you look at art from that perspective, you see similarities across not only artists but also cultures. The connection is not only aesthetic but a little spiritual too.