Greenwich Village
Judson Church
First Saturday of the New Year
Slush falls

Front steps of Judson Church
On the front steps, a group starts to enter the building.
Woman [a little hysterical]: We’re still setting up. The announcement for the performance said that it would begin at 2:30. We ask for your patience.

Act I
Five minutes later
Basement of Judson Church
Group of people holding copies of Civilization and its Discontents and sporting an array of glasses.
Man: I left my glasses at home. Must be my subconscious.
Woman’s Voice From Upstairs: We have people waiting outside. There should be plenty of room downstairs.
Collective Voice: No there isn’t.

Act II
Judson Church
Fifteen minutes later

Scene I
Man standing on ladder reading a section of Civilization of its Discontents.
Man: Mumblecore Guilt, aggression
Woman speaks to friend: I’m not sure I like the concept

Scene II
Second floor of church
Woman in white reads at microphone
Woman: Now let us, by a flight of imagination, suppose that Rome… But I am moved to exclaim in the words of Schiller’s diver.
Stops-this is the end of chapter I.


Scene I
A group of people sit around a tape recorder
Recorded voice: The assumption of the existence of an instinct of death or destruction fades out

Scene II
A long rectangular table set with candles. A dessert is set before each place setting. The Last supper?
Young man in white sits at head of table.
Young man: Mumblecore
Me to Man Next to Me: Is the Last Supper?
Man: Looks like it. There’s pizza behind us. It’s cold
Me takes slice of pizza.

The End