Naomi Klein’s newest book This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate meticulously documents how capitalism is impeding the scarily immediate need to reduce carbon emissions.  The book also argues that despite the challenges, there is hope for slowing climate change and possibly creating a more equal world in the process.

Did Naomi Klein convince me? She did, but my intellectual takeaway was not her point. Instead I thought of how difficult it is to avoid preaching to the choir. Perhaps this choir needs to be preached to to be inspired beyond armchair agreement to action. But all that overkill in the relentless hammering of facts about how capitalism is evil,  doesn’t care, corrupts! And when you preach to the choir, the heathens, the pagans and the people who sleep in don’t hear you. Somebody out there will hate me for saying this but with Scandal on my mind, maybe the issue needs to be spun into entertainment.  Oil companies haven’t had a good spanking since the original Dallas.