Fluent in 3 months: How Anyone at Any Age Can Learn to Speak Any Language from Anywhere in the World ,topic embedded in title, is one of the most sensible and constructive self help books I have ever read on any topic. And though this isn’t his purpose, he demonstrates the value of social media by providing examples of  its power to connect anyone who wants to speak a language with speakers of that language. After reading this book, I had the same reaction when I found out exercise was more than climbing a rope or trying to beat another team but was intended to make you feel good Why didn’t they tell me this before?. Lewis’s probable response-“Get going.”
So, I will. The ALS Ice Bucket, undoubtedly worthy, was just too icy [and trendy]for my taste. But Lewis suggests that if you’re interested in learning languages, “spend two weeks learning Esperanto.” His reason is that “it was intentionally designed to be the easiest language you could possibly learn” and will give you a chance to “get used to communicating in a language that isn’t your own.” See why I say he’s sensible? October is Esperanto month.