You can learn from your friends; you can learn from your enemies, and you can learn from your opposites. I would place Joan Rivers and me in the last category. Her humor was harsh for my taste, and only in an alternate universe would I be a member of the Fashion Police. As a matter of fact, many days she would have out me in the fashion equivalent of Gitmo

But… in addition to the guts she is being praised for, the woman had standards. I like to believe that I do too.  Joan and I both found an eternal truth in these lines from the song from Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend:

Men grow cold
As girls grow old
And we all lose our charms in the end..

I honor this truth by accepting it and giving it the finger. She honored this truth also by giving it the finger and then by using all means in her power to fight it even to her death perfectly groomed under a white mink blanket. As I said, she had standards.