Cannabis has become adorable. To support my joining of cannabis and cute,here’s an excerpt from the recent New York Times article “A Toke or a Toast?” about a Colorado wedding:

The Meisels and Melshenker nuptials looked as if their inspiration had come not from the pages of Martha Stewart Weddings but from High Times. All of the floral arrangements, including the bride’s bouquet, contained a variety of white flowers mixed with marijuana buds and leaves. Mr. Melshenker and his groomsmen wore boutonnieres crafted out of twine and marijuana buds, and Mr. Melshenker’s three dogs, who were also in attendance, wore collars made of cannabis buds, eucalyptus leaves and pink ribbons.

The article doesn’t describe the bride’s dress. Was it green?

Another question-If marijuana is cute, is it no longer cool?