Sherbet orange wife-beater
American flag socks

The Nyack World Cup
Date: June 22
Time: 5:30 a.m.
Scene: Any street in Nyack

The vampires meet the virtuous
The people who can’t sleep meet
The people who haven’t gone to sleep yet
The scary meet the lonely.

My neighbor Peter’s sneakers
Airing in his front window

Street Monologue
Hi, I’m [a young girl with long straight hair] from Michigan.
I recorded this CD
Southern hip-hop so it’s fun.
I’d like 5 dollars to spread my name.
No worries.

Woman in hot lime gown
And matching hat
Coming from church
Hello Dolly

Early Sat am
Police searching Riverspace parking lot
For a weapon

Nyack Farmer’s Market Dialogue.
August 14

Vampire plums got their name Because they are so red inside. They’re awesome.

Female Vendor: I tracked down the woman who left her wallet and gave it to her.
Male Vendor: She must have been happy.
Female Vendor: She was.
Male Vendor: We’re good that way.

Male Vendor [imitating customer] It’s dirty! Do people always say that to you?
Male Vendor Always! They also ask why it’s wet.