Meet garlic mustard. I bet this plant seems like a nice plant. How easily we are tricked by that sweet green. This plant is Plant Enemy Number 1. Plants have nightmares about this plant. This plant is an INVASIVE. Strike this plant down [and then make some pesto]

Once more, less overwrought. On Sunday, I heard a talk by Linda Rohleder, the Land Steward for the New York-New Jersey Trail Conferenc. She is passionate about restoring native plants; by now, you got to know that I am passionate about passionate people. Invasives are nonnative plants to the ecosystem that harm the environment or cause human or economic harm. Other examples of invasives include the Norway maple and Japanese knotweed. She has organized a Strike Force to remove invasive plants from the parks in NJ and NY. You have to wear gloves; you get to use neat tools like this, and you do good for plants. She can count me in.

Note: Poison ivy is not an invasive. It is a “misbehaving native plant.”