This anthology collects the writing of former students and teachers of Kirkland College. Jo Pitkin was its editor and catalyst. Not last Saturday but the wet Saturday before that, the book was launched with a reading at the Brooklyn Public Library.
I graduated from Kirkland College. Kirkland College doesn’t exist and hasn’t existed since 1978 except as a part of the co-ed Hamilton College. Mostly, as I go through my day to day, I’m fine with this academic extinction viewing it as a matter of financial pragmatism.
BUT on Saturday,when I heard some of the authors read their contributions, I remembered. I remembered the moment in that drab Fair Lawn High School room when half-listening to a college presentation, I heard that Kirkland did not give grades and knew that this was where I must go to college. Then I tasted the loss again and felt like I had been orphaned at 21 and never found.