Read a book by John McPhee
The Curve of Binding Energy
Written in 1973 [ish]

John McPhee is a GLW of nonfiction and the best writer NJ ever produced. Haven’t written about him because I haven’t read him since I started this blog but I remember devouring the John McPhee Reader and then most of his books [but apparently not this one.]
The topic is the safeguarding of nuclear materials; the biographical centerpiece is Theodore Taylor who designed atomic bombs. In one section of the book he and McPhee hang out in a cabin in the woods while Taylor explains to McPhee how to almost build a homemade bomb. Reminded me some of Walter White in “Breaking Bad.”
Forty years later and avert the evil eye nobody has built and exploded a homegrown atom bomb. On the other hand, the book’s choice of the World Trade Center as a hypothetical target turned out to be not very hypothetical.

P.S. Here’s some McPhee-

Sometimes at the family dinner table, Ted Taylor will leave a conversation. He simply goes away, in every sense but the physical presence of his body in a chair. He stays away for varying lengths of time.