The setting: Nyack bus stop with bench facing river. Coach USA 9A comes down the street, stops, opens door. Middle-aged brunette woman with glasses enters, hands bus driver a ten dollar bill.

Woman: The Bridge please.
Bus driver scowls at bill as if he is being handed a sandwich infested by maggots.
Bus driver: I won’t take this bill; it’s crumpled. No one will want this as change.
Woman [starting to be afraid driver won’t let her on bus]. This is all I have.
Bus driver: I’m not going to take it.
Woman: This is how I got this from Shop Rite.
Bus driver: Well, you should say something to the people at Shop Rite.
Woman: This is money. You can refuse to take the bill if it’s been in my mouth but not because it’s crumpled.
Bus driver: You’re right. Get on the bus but I won’t take this bill.
Woman walks to almost back of bus, finds a seat. Frowns at unpleasant urban encounter then realizes that she is getting a free ride.Smile.

The End