Saw this movie yesterday on Netflix after engaging in cultural scavenging by way of the Film Forum. The movie was made in the USA in the early 50’s and set in Brooklyn/Queens. A 12 year old is reluctantly given the job of taking care of his 7 year old brother by Mom which prevents him and his friends from going to Coney Island. They play a practical joke on the 7 year old who runs away to Coney Island. Brother goes to Coney Island, finds brother and they get home before Mom does.
This movie had unknown actors, is short, was shot in black and white and was about a small event in the lives of ordinary people. At the time, this may have been influenced by French new wave [forgive me I’m out of my league[], but to my eyes and ears, it’s an indie. I recommend this movie because it has a heart. Thanks to this movie, I could imagine my brothers with “balls and horses” as my grandfather used to say.