This winter has run me up against some personal limits. There are only so many movies you can Netflix, only so many recipes you can try and believe it or not only so many books I can read. I don’t want to resort to to the dark side of enjoyment, and New York City is nasty this time of year.
Discovering Candy Crush saga has kept me sane [too strong a word], how about amused. For me, more than the endless levels, it’s the colors, the pleasure of small accomplishments and the silly background music that runs through your head like soothing white noise. And there is the sweetness that comes from discovering the pleasure of what I thought I was too grown up for.
Yes, I’m way behind here [rumor-there are other online games] but don’t make my mistake and be an intellectual snob, come play.

P.S. I’m stuck at Level 13. Help!