My library school education stressed the importance of lifelong independent learning. Therefore, in pursuit of that goal and because I had a case of Friday night loose ends, a Friday and a half ago, I attended a class on writing erotica at the New York Academy of Sex Education. . As I and many others learned from “Fifty Shades of Grey” [here are my earlier posts], reading erotica especially when spanking is involved is fun.
Rachel Kramer Bussel, possesses the timeless qualities of a good teacher, enthusiasm for her subject and warmth toward her students.
She started class by sharing her backstory. Rachel was not liking her first year of law school when she wrote a story about Monica Lewinsky. She now writes and edits erotica a much better fate than lawyering [hear the hallelujah chorus of a million lawyers here. ]Erotica, she explained, is not pornography because it is sex surrounded by an arousing context, not a meal at a cafeteria in a bus station but a meal you savor. The group, approximately a dozen, did writing exercises and read or did not read the results to the group with Rachel’s feedback. Here’s one exercise: write a story and include a chair[or food]. Oh and there’s dinosaur erotica too.
Thanks to this class, I know where my mind will be next time I’m stuck in traffic.