Lucky you, lucky me. I originally planned to end this year’s blogging with a post on “The Making of the Atom Bomb” by Rhodes. This book is a great history but to cut us all a break, I’ll end the year with this museum jaunt over the Tappan Zee and up the Saw Mill.
This exhibit in the Katonah Art Museum is a collection of portraits, faces from all over the place. My two favorites were a statue of a security guard by Duane Hanson which I thought was a real security guard for the first ten minutes of my visit and a photograph of Chevy Chase, Dan Ackroyd, John Belushi and Lorne Michaels in 1975 in Elaine Kitchen, so young. But there’s also a Picasso, and a Singer Sergeant and a Finster and Marilyns. The exhibit also had spaces for adults and children to create portraits and great face quotes. The exhibit deliberately lacks commentary that explains the art to encourage the viewer to experience the art, not the art history.
Ok, you’re busy now. But when the holidays are over and the days seem dark, go see this exhibit.