[Louis Leopold Boilly-Grimacing Man]

by Kingsley Amis is a “comic gem.” My spider sense tells me that I’m not the first to make that statement. As a matter of fact, I can easily imagine a scene where Lucky Jim [the character] “paused for a few seconds and then wrote “Lucky Jim is a comic gem.” “That should just about do it” he said and went to the pub.”
Let’s throw the word rollicking in there too. Jim Dixon is my hero because he deliberately makes “funny faces” [which I have been accused of]. He is also an academic for no good reason, drinks, plays semi-mean practical jokes and makes messes and tries to cover them up. These qualities make it entirely appropriate that he loses his non tenure track track job but gets a much better one as a private secretary and gets the girl. Whoever said life wasn’t fair? she said tongue in cheekily?

Sentence Snippets:

“He thought what a pity it was that all his faces were designed to express rage or loathing. Now that something had happened which really deserved a face, he’d none to celebrate it with. As a kind of token, he made his Sex Life in Ancient Roman face.”