Nathan Sawaya, an ex-lawyer, makes art from Legos. The Discovery Center at Times Square has an exhibit of his work which closes Jan 5. Before I start raving about the exhibit, let me rave about the Discovery Center. We New York sophisticates [who am I kidding] avoid this bustling touristy area but the tourists know better. This place has had great exhibits including the Dead Sea Scrolls and artifacts from Pompeii with a video showing how the town was buried. And a Harry Potter exhibit too.
Go see this exhibit which is so bright and fun that it could be in Key West. Sawaya is clever, like Calder was,in his ideas, execution of ideas and use of material that might not seem like it could be used in art [Disagreement from Legos users?]Two rooms have recreations of famous art works and statues. Two rooms have original faces and torsos in strong, single colors. The last room has displays by guest artists and a chance to write your name on a brick which Sawaya will make into a piece of art. My favorite-the swimmer [on Pinterest board]
Sawaya exudes talent and love of what he does. And he is an example for every lawyer who wishes that he/she/it was doing something better with he/she/its time.
Here’s a link to my Nathan Sawaya Pinterest board.