Been searching for GLW [great living writers]for most of this year. Just realized that I had fallen into a classic academic trap-great writers are serious writers-no or not much funny stuff here.
Once freed,realized that I had been overlooking Calvin Trillin, a long time New Yorker/Nation writer and sometimes poet. Trillin combines food and humor served with a self deprecating tone. And his words on the page can make you laugh out loud till people start giving you funny [the other funny] looks. That’s greatness.
Like her friend Calvin Trillin [small world], Nora Ephron also had that talent. Heartburn also wins the “best revenge on someone who cheated on you” award.Unfortunately, she joins this list posthumously. She knew that you could love things like french fries and hate things like purses or your neck. Ephron made being a woman including the tragedy of “men grow cold as girls grow old” funny. That’s greatness too.
Starting point for Trillin: his essay on why spaghetti carbonara should be our Thanksgiving dish
Starting point for Ephron: “I Hate My Purse”